IH2 Programs


Inspired Hearts and Hands (IH2)’s Meals Squared Program addresses food insecurity and nourishment in the local community through the distribution of non-perishable food boxes, each containing family-friendly meals, kid-friendly snacks, and a grocery gift card for fresh proteins and ingredients.  IH2’s food boxes are distributed several times throughout the year, particularly during the holidays when expanded support is most needed.  Each food box contains both a $10 grocery shopping card for fresh ingredients/proteins as well as the components necessary to prepare 5-6 essential meals.


IH2 hosts an annual gift-giving program for children, veterans, and individuals facing poverty.  The mission centers on proactively sharing joy, hope, and love for the holidays.  The program also helps alleviate the financial and emotional stress that many in poverty face at the holidays.  IH2 collects wish lists from each beneficiary, and with the help of an extensive team of individuals, corporate partners, and community groups, angels set to work collecting and wrapping gifts for needing families in our area.  In 2022, we provided more than 1000 children, veterans, and subsidized individuals with a holiday gift.


IH2’s Empowered Scholar Program (ESP) is focused on providing children in poverty with nourishment, resources, and opportunities that promote rich, active learning and positive child development while setting a trajectory for continued growth and achievement.  IH2’s ESP is comprised of three main efforts, namely Kidz Equipped, After School Program, and Scholar Recognition.  Rising inflation, surging food costs, and decreased governmental assistance is having a devastating impact, and as a result, the number turning to IH2 for much needed assistance is growing dramatically.  IH2 programs focus primarily on low-income and circumstantially challenged youth, families, and individuals, veterans’ programs, and subsidized housing communities.

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