Our Mission


Loving With Our Hearts: Giving With Our Hands

This amazing journey for me started in 2012.  Initially, all I was looking for was an opportunity for my family and me to serve others together, but it was hard given their young ages.  Short on options, I spearheaded a food drive, modeling a similar effort run by Light of Life in Pittsburgh.  I was inspired by their work, and wanted to bring it home locally.

Well…what started as 50 baskets that first year, has grown to more than 325 baskets in 2019 that went to needing families and veterans, each containing a $10 grocery gift card.  And, that’s not all!  We’ve grown the effort in the past several years, and in 2019, we hosted several angel trees that provided gifts and gift cards for some 210 children, seniors, and veterans.  God has abundantly blessed our mission.  Last year, marked our first annual spring cleaning campaign.  It is growing steadily, and we hope that it will continue.

I am humbled by the team that has surrounded me!  Together we are serving those who are less fortunate, not just because it is a good thing to do, but rather because it is our hearts’ desire.  We want to share our blessings with others.  I’m a mother of three and know the stress that comes from providing for them day in and day out.  I can only imagine the strain this puts on those who are struggling daily to make ends meet.  And so, forevermore, it is my personal mission to do all that I can to help others provide for their children as I want to provide for my own.

~Mindy Schnitgen, Founder & Director

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands —
one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”
— Audrey Hepburn

IH2 Board Members

Mindy Schnitgen, President
Kathleen Bartholic, Treasurer
Gina Pillage, Secretary
Julie Demacio, Board Member
Daniel Mozer, Board Member


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