Our Mission


Loving With Our Hearts: Giving With Our Hands

Inspired Hearts and Hands (IH2) is a community-wide coalition of inspired hearts and hands collectively focused on addressing economic hardship and food insecurity through food box distributions, community events, holiday angel trees, educational enrichment programs, and student appreciation activities.  Together, we are serving those who are less fortunate, not just because it is a good thing to do, but rather because it is our hearts’ desire to share our blessings with others.

Grass-Roots Inspired Program

Inspired Hearts and Hands (IH2) was founded in 2012 and fully incorporated in 2019.  The inception of the mission began in 2012 as Mindy Schnitgen sought to provide food to families facing poverty in her local neighborhood of Mars and surrounding communities.  As friends, neighbors, and community members joined her, the initiative grew rapidly to also include holiday gifts. It was no longer feasible to run the program from her garage, home, and borrowed office space.  In 2019, after incorporating as a 501(c)(3), IH2 leased a 2500 sq. ft. facility in Gibsonia.  As the program grew in reach and scope, space once again presented an issue.  In 2022, IH2 reached a point where the existing facility space in Gibsonia was no longer conducive or safe for handling the demands of the programs.  Since all programs are provided at the beneficiaries’ locations, ease of loading and unloading the 26’ moving trucks is paramount. The Gibsonia facility could no longer adequately provide that functionality.  In October 2023, IH2 took a major step forward, moving their facility to Cranberry Township in Butler County.  The new facility includes a loading dock, 20-foot ceilings, ground floor access, ample parking, much safer working conditions for volunteers, and enhanced accessibility to the counties IH2 serves.

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands —
one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”
— Audrey Hepburn

Providing the Necessary Extra

Hear What We Are Doing

IH2 Board Members

President – Jodie Halin
Treasurer – Anne-Marie Megela
Secretary – Julie Demacio
Founder & Executive Director – Mindy Schnitgen
Volunteer Mgmt. and Donations – Kim McBride

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